good morning, desert stars.

this is the story of lady, rocky and ix, some girls who run a radio show in the post-collapse. they tour the bombzone desert in a solar powered rv, working odd jobs and helping out people who send out broadcasts in exchange for food or somewhere to sleep. they’ve got friends and enemies all over the desert. when they’re contacted by a so-called ally for a little bit of routine help, they get dragged into the center of a conspiracy that might just ruin everything they think they know about this weird, wide world.

riot radio is a story about growing up, about kicking ass and taking names, about finding yourself in a complicated world, about owning up to responsibility, about community and connection and humanity. it’s also about speculative technology, adaptable magic, biohacking, the ethics of war, queerness, identity, and a whole bunch of other stuff. it’s big and weird and complicated. kinda like life.

so hey, tune in.

we’ve got a hell of a ride in front of us.


[[RIOT RADIO IS CURRENTLY UNDER RATINGS INVESTIGATION FOR THE FOLLOWING CONTENT: language, violence, blood, gore, body horror, death, themes of mental illness including but not limited to anxiety and memory loss. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.]]

updates fridays. written, drawn, colored, planned and managed by stephanie leigh schock. (get me at if you like).